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My Sister Rita, the Reich Commitee Child
ISBN 978-3-939849-28-5

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The first and only contemporary witness book worldwide:
About the children of the Reich Committee that have been hushed up so far:

Book "My sister Rita, the Reich Commitee Child"

In this poignant book, the author Regina J. Schwenke describes the life story of her older sister Rita. Rita born on January 19th 1933 was severely handicapped due to lack of oxygen during childbirth and was declared a Reich Committee Child due to the ideology of National Socialism.
On 248 pages with many illustrations, the reader experiences the development of the little girl, how the large family with many children deals with epilepsy and disability, the state control by the health department, the state community nurses and learns in detail something about the law for the prevention of hereditary offspring of July 14, 1933 and the Blood Protection Act of September 15, 1935, the racial hygiene of the Nazis, the mixing of the Aryan race with allegedly inferior "races". Around 400,000 forced sterilizations were ordered by the hereditary health courts and carried out by the doctors. On September 1, 1939, Hitler's euthanasia decree followed.
You will experience the proclamation of the Second World War, the consequences for the Reich Committee child and family life with a sick, handicapped child. The constant attempts to admit the sick child to a sanatorium, the summons from the health department, the Charité and of course the admission to the Wiesengrund sanatorium in Berlin-Reinickendorf. Under the guise of a modern children's hospital or a children's department, the children were at the mercy of the employed Nazi doctors and nurses. They were experimented with, subjected to painful attempts, fever therapies or attempts to immunize them with tuberculosis. The aim was less medical knowledge than the inconspicuous death of the children. Even after death, the children were defenselessly exposed to the experiments of the pathologists.
The reader experiences first hand the bombing raids in Berlin, the time in an air raid shelter, the daily life of an extended family, the destruction of the house, the new overnight accommodation in the Berlin Fichte bunker, life in a big city with all its restrictions during the war. With the help of provost Bernhard Lichtenberg, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch and the Jesuit father Dubis of the St. Christophorus congregation, the sick Rita survived the war under the protection of the large family with many children and died after the war on September 21, 1945 of the Ruhr.
Experience and suffer the martyrdom of the sick Rita with your family, read an authentic contemporary witness report about this terrible, incomprehensible time and experience a strong, wonderful mother who brought her children through all the confusion of war with trust and love in God. Mother Josefine Ziebarth's motto in life:
Be kind to the poor and strangers, for both belong to God.

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Regina J. Schwenke as author

ISBN 978-3-939849-28-5
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