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The Miracle of Fatima
ISBN 978-3-939849-100

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Dear readers! Who has not heard yet of the name of Fatima in Portugal? I had learned about the apparitions of the mother of God and the three shepherd children Jacinta and Francisco Marto as well as Lucia dos Santos in Fatima in early childhood through my aunts Änne and Käthe. My siblings Jürgen, Angela, Michael, and I had been captivated by their report of the apparitions in the years 1916-1917. First we thought that the aunts were telling us another one of those Saints’ legends. But then we realized that this story was true.
I have been gripped by these events ever since, and it was my biggest dream to be able to travel there once in my life. I wanted to see the apparition sites by myself, I wanted to get a first hand impression of the miracle the mother of God performed. However, as you will read in this book The Miracle of Fatima – Where Heaven Had Touched the Earth, something kept getting in my way until I could finally fulfil myself this childhood dream in the year 2010. I placed the voyage under the motto: “Believe in your belief and doubt your doubts.” I dare say clearly that it was a voyage and no pilgrimage.
I dedicate this book to the most reverend Father Paolo Molinar, S.J. PhD and Father Peter Gumpel S.J. PhD who have been doing research on the seer children and preparing for the beatification and canonization of Jacinta and Francisco Marto for decades.
I also want to thank all these people who are maintaining the sanctuary of “Our Lady” in Fatima.
If you raise up your eyes to the sky in Fatima, you will perceive no limits, because heaven had touched the earth there.
I wish you much pleasure when reading this book. Perhaps it will remind you of your own voyage to Fatima, or you will be motivated by it and be curious to see the miracle of Fatima by yourself and to maybe even relive it.